Women in Technology: Take On The Gender Race To Equality

Unless you’ve been living under a polar ice cap, you’re aware of the powerful “Rawr” of today’s Women, commanding attention in all ways. Surpassing minority status, women are presently being righteously celebrated in Technology, Media, and all business, further franchising their strength in numbers.

And the world is listening.

Can we get a show of hands for all the ladies power-housing technology? Countless.


A worldwide vantage point shows a massive upswing for female influence in this marketplace, young and seasoned, leading the orbit of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. (STEM).

STEMettes – A popular Twitter crowd, encourages younger ladies to work in STEM, boosting confidence for the next generation of Women in Technology. Reaching up to their leading peers, the guidance is undeniable and social infrastructure… Powerful. 28-year-old math prodigy, Anne-Marie Imafidon started the UK-based social enterprise, initially inspired by her own successes having passed math and ICT GCSEs by the time she was 10, becoming the youngest girl to ever pass A-level computing, the following year.

Women in Technology.org  is a landing place, reigning it all in. Promoting associations: Girls in Technology, BlackGirlsCode.com STEM for Her, WomenWhoTech.com, Girls Who Code, (just to name a few); Also highlight mentoring programs, trade shows plus gatherings, with a bountiful following of women connecting on a multitude of hot topics aimed at the direct spin of technology.

Turns out, the Spice Girls had it right from the get. Girl Power is IN.

Collaaj Woman 2.jpg

Alaina Percival, Contributor + CEO of Huffington Post writes 2018 Predictions for Technology; including a not-so-subtle showing of hands, of whose Industry Leaders in the forefront are: WOMEN.

Here are just a few female leaders making bold statements for the year ahead:

 “Connected internet will see explosive growth (from pure mobile internet) with more devices entering your home…many other industries will be trying their luck with monetization on mobile.” – Sudha Mahajan – Director of Product Management, eBay

“Big data will continue to mature at a blazing pace, with reliability becoming a key focus.”– Michelle Ufford – Manager, Data Engineering Innovation, Netflix

“Silicon Valley will be surprised with more growth from venture-backed companies in 2018.” – Mona DeFrawi – CEO & Founder, Radvision

In reference to the above quotes, how will Investments, VC’s and Women-Lead startups affect the industry at large? TechCrunch and the Harvard Business Review have an interesting spin on this idea… “The Comprehensive Case for Investing More VC Money in Women-Led Start-Up.” That said, what companies in the tech sector are doing right by their female employees? Entreprenuer.com has a lead on this.

Women New Collaaj UI

Startups like Collaaj Video Capture which has roots in India and NorCal’s Tech hub supports female talent in the tech industry with gender equality honored and valued, featuring over 50% of the engineering team held by female talent.

Here are some other female Industry Leaders who need no formal introduction.

These women have been heading technology for many moons. Here’s a classic shout-out to these fabulous female leaders in technology Industry;

  • Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer
  • Isabelle Olsson – Lead Designer at Google
  • Whitney Wolfe – Founder CEO of Tinder/Bumble
  • Lily Chang – Vice President, Strategic Transformation, JV, VMware
  • Michelle Bonat – CEO, Data Simply
  • Kelly Abuelsaad – Software Engineer, Watson Cloud Platform, IBM
  • Dory Weiss – VP of Engineering, nCino
  • Brittani Smalls – Accounting and Compliance Manager, Women Who Code
  • Lauren Schulte – CEO & Founder at The FLEX Company

MIT’s Technology Review wraps it up nicely. Women today are anticipated to step into the tech world graciously, taking a foot-forward approach to shaping policy and thinking around Artificial Intelligence on the Federal Level. Even globally, UN Women are setting the stage for greater forward movement. The fact is, Women participating in Technology will promote innovation, matched by opportunity.

Time’s up, women are taking a stand and leading us to a promising future where the gender race to equality is honored.

Business cartoon of two businesswomen looking at quote on board, 'keep calm and carry on leading'.

Written by: Chelsie Foster

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