Video Recording Software and Screen Recorder.

Multi-Stream Lecture Capture

Collaaj video recording software includes a Presentations & Lectures feature so you can capture multi-stream videos and also integrate PowerPoint or screen recordings. Your audience can choose from multiple views and also search PowerPoint slide text so they can quickly jump to the content most interesting to them. Record up to 4 streams on Windows or 2 on Mac.

Record video presentations and lectures with PowerPoint Integration using Collaaj multi-stream capture software.

Webcam & Screen Recorder

Collaaj makes video capture easy with a desktop video recorder that includes four preset configurations so you can easily record videos with a single click. Use the screen recorder to capture desktop content and incorporate a webcam to provide picture-in-picture playback. You can also capture webcam and audio-only recordings. Collaaj video capture software is available for Windows or Mac and requires a one-time installation. You can launch Collaaj from your desktop, web browser, or any connected LMS platform.

Video capture software from Collaaj opened on an Apple MacBook Pro laptop.

Local & Cloud Storage

All the videos you create with Collaaj video capture software are stored locally on your computer’s hard drive and accessible through the app library so you can upload them to the Collaaj VOD portal anytime. This allows you to record multiple takes before uploading and also acts as a backup for your cloud-hosted content. After finishing a video, edit your title and description then select your privacy setting before uploading to the Collaaj cloud.  You can share a private video with password protection, white-list by email address, or embed videos on your website for public access.

Store videos locally and upload to the cloud using the Collaaj desktop application content library.

Mobile Video Capture & Sharing App

Download the Collaaj Mobile App so you can capture video on-the-go. Record video content with front and back facing cameras or upload content from your camera roll. The app also includes editing tools to trim, chop, and add custom title and credit slides so you can give your video a professional touch. You can download the mobile app for free on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

Video capture Android and iPhone mobile app. Record and upload video content from your mobile phone.

Video Editing Tools

The Collaaj video editor provides a set of nondestructive editing tools allowing you to trim, chop, and add custom title and credit slides with the option of creating a new file or applying your changes to the original file. Use the Collaaj video editing tools to give your videos a clean appearance after each recording.

Edit videos with trim and chop features or add custom titled and credit slides using the Collaaj video editor software.

Live Annotations

Collaaj video recording software also includes a Live Annotations toolbar so you can create drawings and markup your desktop while recording. Choose from a pencil, paintbrush, shapes, arrows, and text tools. You can also select from multiple line-weights and colors to give your annotations a custom look.

Draw diagrams while recording your screen using live annotation tools included with Collaaj video capture software.

Device Mirror

Use the Collaaj Mirror feature to connect your Android or iOS device so you can capture mobile content. Record your screen to share applications, video calls and more. You can also use a white-board to capture drawings on your iPad.

Capture mobile content by connecting your Android or iPhone to the Collaaj app.

Collaaj Video Capture Overview

Collaaj video recording software and screen recorder is a desktop application providing users with a robust set of capture features. The app requires a simple one-time installation that you can launch from your desktop or cloud-connected LMS platform. Choose from multiple preset configurations to capture voice, webcam, and screen recordings with a single click. The screen+webcam preset allows you to quickly create picture-in-picture videos combining your screen with a customizable webcam window. You can also record multi-stream presentations and lectures integrated with PowerPoint to produce a unique viewing experience for your audience.

Collaaj supports any webcam or USB connected capture device including encoders, tablets, and smartphones. All videos that you record with the Collaaj app are transcoded automatically and stored on your local hard-drive. After you've finished recording, select the Collaaj channels or courses you want your video to appear in and experience super fast uploading to the cloud. With Collaaj, there's no need to wait for your last recording to process before moving on with video series. Just close the window, and your content will continue to upload while you start to capture another video. You can also upload videos directly to YouTube and Vimeo to make your content available on multiple VOD platforms.