Use cases for video capture and sharing.

Looking for a better way to train your team so they retain information faster? Want to create rich content on-the-fly and organize videos within your LMS or enterprise learning platform? Struggling with complicated video capture software and wish there was an easier way? Collaaj is a powerful, all-in-one, online video solution used by schools, businesses, and entrepreneurs to create and share high-quality video content fast. It's easy to use, requires no IT or AV support, and delivers an amazing viewing experience.  Simply download the app, connect your device, and press record!

Use the Presentation Capture Tool if you want to capture more than one angle of a training video, otherwise, use the Personal Capture Tool to screen record your training material. Quickly inform and update colleagues or staff by developing training videos. Update employees, staff, students or customers instantly through our share options directly from the application.

Collaaj has a powerful built in ability to extract your PowerPoint presentation leaving your viewer with the ease to control their learning journey. Create custom video courses using our Presentation & Lecture Tool.  By customizing your PowerPoint to recognize all the text, your viewer can search this information within the video that will quickly direct their learning to their area within the video. Control who has access to your Course Videos. Become a “Rock Star”  and teacher or trainer with Collaaj Presentation or Personal Capture Tools.

To stay on top of always evolving digital echo-systems, Collaaj offers a streamlined process of capturing and sharing rich video content for more effective communication and collaboration across teams. Use Collaaj to quickly update your students, employees or customers on new information, changes or updates. Save time by creating quick micro videos to get the same point across that a long email chain once did.

Collaaj has the powerful built-in ability to extract your PowerPoint presentation slides and text providing viewers with the ability to control their learning journey. By customizing your presentation to recognize text, you'll enable viewers to search an index within the player and quickly find the content they're interested in most.

Make e-learning simple for faculty without the need for IT or AV support. Using our Classroom Capture Tool educators can show up and press record to create engaging video lectures and online courses within your LMS platform. And our live encoding feature allows for one video to process while the next is being recorded, so there's no downtime in between lessons. Try our Free Trial to see why so many campuses are integrating Collaaj into their online learning platforms.

Easy set up with Canvas and Blackboard along with other LMS platforms that are LTI compatible. Get your faculty and students recording directly from your LMS platform. Simplify your edtech tools. Sign up for a free trial to experience why so many schools are using Collaaj to integrate with their LMS platform.

Collaaj brings a unique video player experience to the Video Capture market. Our Presentation Capture tool enhances the video experience by allowing the viewer to control their learning journey. Select from a slide, title or search on a word from PowerPoint to quickly land on that particular area within the video to fast track your learning. Comment, share or embed a video all from the Collaaj Video Player.

Use our in house VOD hosting or Integrate with your LMS platform to create a thriving Digital Culture for your campus or company. Use our simple Admin controls to manage your users videos. Create Courses with our Education plans or Teams & Channels with our Enterprise plans. Share instantly through the application to quickly distribute your videos to your students, colleagues or customers and let them easily watch videos relevant to their course or channel.

Use the Presentation Capture Tool if you want to capture more than one view of a meeting. Otherwise, use the Personal Capture Tool to screen record your agenda or meeting minutes so you are instantly capturing and sharing with members who were not present that day or for future reference.

Using Collaaj Personal Capture makes it easy to screen reference and talk through your material, while recording and referencing your steps or process. Make it easy for your students, colleagues or customers to quickly understand information and how to progress as a learner.

Successfully create pre-class video material for your students learning journey into the classroom that enhances and fast tracks their education to an advanced level of knowledge, on any particular topic or subject. Make your material personal and memorable.

Personalize a sales presentation or demo using our Presentation or Personal Capture Tools. Give your prospects a lasting impression with a video they can share with the decision maker. Fast track your sales process and educate your market on the value of your solution.

Learning is not a one way street. With Collaaj Video Player, you give the viewer access to learn at their time and pace. Comments are available directly in the video player offering an ongoing discussion on key points learned or taken from the video. With the ease of short simple videos you can create a library of discussions that establishes peer-to-peer dialogue for deeper learning.

Customer support is one of the top reasons a business is successful. in today’s fast pace business it is crucial to get information out to your customers. Video screen shares can quickly assist your less than tech savvy customers. Give them the help they are looking for so they can feel satisfied by the customer care and experience a personal video can capture.

Use Collaaj to develop quick FAQ videos for your product or service and share with your users. Or create a video resource library for your sales and marketing team so they can quickly share new updates with their customers or prospects while developing marketing campaigns, media, assets or material to promote the next feature.

Share updates with your followers faster by using Collaaj Personal Capture to record your screen, camera or voice and build exciting video blog content. Create rich content to grow your audience or share within a group. Keep your audience engaged with updates on your next theme or topic.