Tragic Mexico Earthquake, Aldea Screencast Offers Creative Education Solution

Mexico City, 7.1 earthquake tragic on all fronts- how can we help support education for kids going through difficult times, while upholding a standard of learning?

“Students in Mexico have characteristics, needs, and lifestyles that are very different from those in more developed countries. This makes the task of obtaining results like those in more developed countries like Sweden, a very difficult job.”

Mexico is following the footsteps of European countries like Sweden by providing each child in their country access to a free tablet, in an effort to develop effective learning strategies. In fact, $63 million was recently invested in the project. Regardless, the learning curve for technology proved to be the most important factor.

Simple yet Powerful Video Capturing tools like Aldea Screencast’s Spanish version works great on tablets to quickly and effectively communicate, share and learn during destructive and disruptive times. As we are seeing in Mexico, and across the world like the disaster from Houston, Irma, US fires and many other global tragedies that are causing educational disruptions to our children’s lives.

Aldea Screencast offers a simple yet innovative and creative way that supports student connection and engagement. Their simple to use yet powerful video recorder serves a large growing demand for video capture in the 30 Latin countries that speak Spanish and Portuguese.

Recording lessons anytime, anywhere is indefinitely a powerful tool for students. Receiving feedback, providing substitute lessons, or capturing a lesson on how to use other technology like LMS platformsstimulates learning in cultures eager for education, an essential factor in education engagement and retention.


Content vs. Technology

Churning out fresh, new, informative content is yet another factor which we recognize as a crucial part of learning. As other cultures embrace technology, we all stand to benefit from the cross pollination of different languages, new outlooks, approaches and styles of learning.

Instantly record a webcam, screen, voice or all three so teachers, students and coworkers can communicate, share, teach and learn by creating courses, quick training videos or simply Type Less and Show More.

Make a digital handshake with our Aldea Screencast partner while celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by helping out in anyway you can with the ongoing and long return to a settled country. You can check out these two sources the NYT and PBS put out on where to donate.

Viva Mexico!










Type Less – Show More

Written by: Chelsie Foster & Kati Mac
@collaajcorp @TIME @NewsHour @nytimes @UXPA_Int


Collaaj, Inc. is a San Jose, CA based technology company that specializes in video capture software and VOD hosting services for educators and enterprises.

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