The Makerspace Movement on a Leading Edge

The popularity of Makerspace is undisputed. Deemed a “movement…” it’s become a staple in classrooms, homes, libraries and think-labs alike. “Challenges” are sweeping schools worldwide, with creative portholes like Pinterest booming with ideas.

Makerspace is Like Legos on Adrenaline

The “Maker Culture” is ever-present in children’s minds and hands. Students everywhere are championing the idea of getting busy creating anything their brilliant imagination can craft.

Is the Maker-Culture a trend, or is it here to stay?  

How does it collaborate with Technology?

kids with tablet pc programming at robotics school

This weeks unfortunate headlining news reveals TechShop a popular DIY Fabrication Studio closed all 10 locations under chapter 7 bankruptcy.

They had a unique economically tied collaboration with ASU Chandler Innovation Center taking up 15,000sqft of location in their 35,000sqft Center for students and the community to collaborate and craft together.   

“TechShop’s vision was to develop a network of makerspaces, members, curriculum, standards, instructors, and learning that would fuel the birth of new technologies, products, jobs, and companies.”

If an unmatched STEM scholarship fundraiser for $1.3Million doesn’t raise an eyebrow to this growing demand, what will?

Makerspace is Commanding Attention

Kindwhile, Pinterest, the world wide webs ultimate “catalog of ideas,” ranks over 11 million hits per week and is literally flooded with Makerspace projects. “Makers,” do-it-yourselfers, and dedicated You-Tubeists share ideas while overlaying invention, tinkering, solving, creating, playing, discovery and imagining science, technology, engineering and math into our lives.

Attentive busy technicians creating robot

Places Journal notes how Makerspace bends toward a New Civic Infrastructure. “The potential for makerspaces is high. In America there are almost 120,000 libraries, 2,600 YMCA’s and 1,100 community colleges, most of which provide education and access to shared resources.”

Even a vast majority of U.S. libraries report an influx of interest and searches in this phenomenal learning crossover. Will libraries start featuring Makerspace labs? Will they blend with computer stations? ProQuest discusses library influence.

That said, here is what the Public Library Association has to say about why they are taking a stand acknowledging the impact of Makerspace within libraries, as well as the influence it’s having on technology. 

Kids Playing at Kindergarten

Legos have long been deemed one of the original inspirations for this culture. Claiming to use the power of Maker to enable playful learning experiences, with activities for grades 3 and up.

Our friends over at The George Lucas Foundation and featured the Top 20 Technologies and Tools in Makerspace Middle Schools.

Although some consider the Maker Movement in its infancy of development, we’re seeing competitions and contests underway, worldwide. The Instructables Community Makerspace Contest 2017 was extremely well-received.


Makerspace is rapidly becoming the ultimate mental soup of learning and everyone is devouring it.

Despite TechShop’s closure this week, their mission has opened the path for the Makerspace culture to louden their voices for a growing demand that is proving its value and worth.

Check out where they feature how beginners and aficionados of Makerspace can find resources for school, projects, tech-based learning and more. Or check out and their featured student projects, all based on the Makerspace movement – In many cases, 8 year old’s are designing Apps and games. Can you believe it?

Stay tuned as we encourage and support the growing Maker community capture their creative process and share their findings through a video culture that is educating and training our future to Type Less and Show More.

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