Empower faculty beyond the classroom.

Use Collaaj video capture tools to enhance your institution’s educational offering by creating powerful e-learning experiences for students to consume on-the-go.  As an LTI connected tool, educators launch Collaaj from their LMS platform to capture and share video lectures within online courses.  Collaaj also offers the ability to share personalized videos to help students troubleshoot coursework faster.

Human Resources

On-board faster and stay connected.

Use Collaaj video capture tools to streamline your company’s on-boarding experience.  Create orientation videos, share company policies, and show new employees how to setup benefits.  Record, archive, and share town-hall meetings for employees to watch on-the-go.  Integrate Collaaj with your enterprise LMS or use the Video On-Demand Portal to power your company’s learning strategy.


Communicate with clients more effectively.

Use Collaaj video capture tools to for sales and support communications.  Capture product demos, share best practices, and help clients troubleshoot technical issues.  Share tribal knowledge by creating training courses that accelerate employee development.  Power your enterprise video strategy with our SSO Video On-Demand Portal and embed content on your website all from a single platform.


Educate staff, patients, and community.

Use Collaaj video capture tools to strengthen your medical institution’s internal and external communications.  Create staff training videos, share medical device demonstrations, and document procedures for assessment.  Setup secure channels for internal communications, public channels for community outreach, and send private video messages to share medical advice with patients.


Extend public outreach efforts.

Use Collaaj video capture tools to for community outreach and education.  Record town meetings and to keep community members up-to-date on government affairs.  Train staff with online video courses and create awareness campaigns to educate the public.  Archive video recordings of internal meetings to create transparency between government officials and the public.

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