Video platform deployment and integration.

Collaaj Cloud

Inviting users to the Collaaj cloud-hosted solution is easy. Simply upload a csv file and everyone in your organization will receive an email invitation so they can join Collaaj. We also support Single-Sign-On and Active Directory Groups so you can add users automatically. Administrators can manage individual user types and channel inclusions from the Collaaj admin dashboard.

Manage user permissions and add or remove them to channels and courses using the Collaaj user management settings.

LMS Integrations

The Collaaj Video Platform integrates with Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle through a simple one-time LTI connection. This integration allows users to launch Collaaj from within your LMS so there’s no need to log into multiple platforms. Content access permissions follow course enrollment and you can also choose whether or not make Collaaj video capture tools available to students.

Integrate video with Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle using Collaaj as an LTI tool that launches from your LMS.

Classroom Installer

For organizations with dedicated capture PCs, the Collaaj Classroom Installer allows administrators to install the Collaaj app as a centrally published deployment. This provides seamless transitions between instructors and no downtime waiting for files to upload. After one instructor finishes a recording they can close Collaaj and their video will continue to upload so another instructor can start recording without waiting.

Classroom & Conference Capture

Custom Deployment

The Collaaj professional services team offers custom development so organizations can integrate video with home-grown Learning Management Systems. You can also deploy Collaaj software on-premise if you do not wish to use a cloud hosted service. Contact us to schedule a call so we can learn more about how Collaaj video capture tools can compliment your existing platform.

Integrate Collaaj video capture software into your custom LMS or other systems.