Video Capture Software Data-Sheet

Enhance Your LMS

Looking for a new way to help students learn and retain information faster? Want to create rich content inside or outside the classroom and organize an on-demand video portal within Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle? Struggling with video production software and wish there was an easier way?

We Can Help

At Collaaj, we believe video is the documentation of this generation and that your LMS should be the primary point of organizing, managing, and sharing content. With our LTI compliant platform, faculty can create videos, screen captures, and more right within your LMS to create courses, tutorials, training, discussions, vlogs, and all things education. Students can then access these powerful learning journeys on any device without the need for additional logins or passwords.

Setup Is Easy

Use Collaaj along with your computer, web-cam, video camera, smart phone, or tablet to create stunning videos on the fly and quickly share with your audience. Simply connect your devices, launch the app, press record, and you’re ready to go.

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Struggling with video capture software and want an easier way? Use Collaaj to create screen captures and webcam recordings.