Changing Security Protocols & Mental Health: How to Handle the Change

A majority of people in our Nation seem to be on “constant” high-alert after Parkland, FL fatal and tragic incident. Mental health, security, and safety just hit the tipping point as one of the most essential concerns of our time.

How can we foster trust and a healthy future if our youth feel unsafe at school?

Learn how to quickly update and inform your staff, colleagues, and students on the changing security and mental health protocols that affect your campus or company.

Join this Thursday, March 1 at 11:00am PST

Join our 30min Webinar in collaboration with CanvasLMS partner day, Collaaj Video Capture will showcase simple yet powerful training tools to quickly get your staff and students informed and aware.

The very fact we have an expanding population, delivering an average of 83 million people per year, not to mention a constant changing culture stewed from gamification, selfie’s, instant social gratification, just to name a few, somewhere we have lost touch with the health of our minds as an important factor to the health of our well-being.

Have we set the stage for a disconnected, disengaged and disfranchised human experience for our youth?


Tragedies like the Parkland, FL shooting on Feb 14 put some serious fire in the hearts of our youth. This unexpected tenacity has begun to spread like wildfire across our Nation proving there is a connected, engaged and empowered human experience taking heart in our youth.  

“We’ve got to face the reality that we’re going to be exposed to the world you guys made for us, and it’s unfortunately, it’s killing us,” student Willie Weibe said. “Something has to change, and what these students are doing in parkland across the country has been very empowering. And I think a change is coming.

The students hope by speaking up and speaking out, they can continue a conversation that could lead to change.

“We can change the way we interact and treat each other. … We can be encouraging rather than hateful.”

Be part of the change and join our 30 min webinar this Thursday, March 1 at 11am PST to learn how to quickly train staff and students on the changing security protocols and Mental Health concerns. register nowWritten by: Kati Mac

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