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Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Collaaj?

    The mission for Collaaj is to democratize rich content creation in the enterprise and bring some order into organizing enterprise information with videos. Collaaj can help you close deals faster, run through your pilots and implementations quicker, and provide excellent support to keep your customers for life. Enterprise information has three essential elements – you, your data and your drawings. With Collaaj, you can create good-looking videos, quickly, that include all these three elements. Our cloud backend enables super easy and secure sharing and collaboration within your team or with customers and partners. All your recordings can also be accessed anytime and anywhere at Win more customers and stay ahead of competition with enriched customer communication. Now that your pre-sales collateral isn't just bland documents anymore, your message will continue to stay in your customers minds even when your reps are done meeting them. Your pilot and implementation phases can be a lot quicker with visual configurations and setups. Your customer satisfaction stays high because your support or helpdesk FAQs, knowledge bases and trouble-tickets are much more visual. Don’t let that ‘tribal knowledge’ sit around in people’s heads, or in documents. Collaaj them! Learn more by watching this video:

  • What are the requirements for Collaaj?

    Today, Collaaj works on PC, Mac and iPad. These are the minimum requirements:

    PC : Windows 7, Windows 8 Desktop (.NET 4.0 required)
    Browsers: IE9 or later. Firefox, Google Chrome

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later
    Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari

    Minimum disk space of 2 GB

    iPad 2 or newer: iOS 6.0 or later

  • Is Collaaj supported on Windows Vista?

    Collaaj currently does not support Windows Vista.

  • Is Collaaj supported on Windows 7N, Windows 7KN?

    Collaaj currently does not support Windows 7N or Windows 7KN

  • How do I get started?

    You can get started by signing up for an account at, and installing the lightweight Collaaj client.

  • Collaaj crashes after sign in. What could be the possible issue?

    Please make sure that ports 80 and 443 are open for all desktop applications. Collaaj requires these ports to be open for sign in. Please contact your IT administrator to ensure that these ports are not blocked by your firewall or any other security software

  • What do the various flavors  Free, Starter, Business mean and which option is best for me?

    Please look at our plans and pricing page for a comparison between the various SKUs. Generally speaking, Free and Starter are designed for individual users and the Business SKU is designed for a team of users in an enterprise.

  • Does Collaaj support real time screen sharing, or video and audio chat?

    Not at the moment. Collaaj does not support real time screen sharing or video and audio chat.. Today, Collaaj focuses on non-real time, rich media creation and collaboration.

  • Why Collaaj? Why not use Webex for recording videos?

    Collaaj is an excellent way to complement your virtual meeting tools like WebEx, Lync or GotoMeeting. Collaaj enables you to put your thoughts together whenever/wherever, without needing to wait for a scheduled meeting.

Collaaj Free

  • What does free really mean?

    Collaaj clients for PC/Mac and iOS can be used free of charge. You can create upto 2 minute videos and we give you 1 GB of storage on the server. This translates to approximately 2 hours of video. For more details, please check our plans & pricing page

  • What happens if I use up all my free space?

    You will not be able to upload any more videos. To upload new videos, you can upgrade to Starter/Business or free up some space by deleting some of your old videos.

  • How can I delete videos to free up some space?

    You can login to Collaaj web portal at and go to your library tab and delete videos

Collaaj Starter

  • What does Starter really mean?

    Collaaj Starter lets you record longer videos, offers more space than free and allows you to purchase extra disk space and bandwidth. For more details, please check our pricing information

  • How do you charge my credit card for Collaaj Starter?

    Just like a Box or Dropbox account, your credit card on account will be charged monthly or annually, depending on your choice. You can cancel your subscription anytime you wish to stop being billed in the future. Note: There will be no refunds for processed payments. Please see our pricing policy for details

  • What happens if I use up all my disk space?

    If you run out of storage space, you will not be able to upload new and may not be able to modify existing content. You can either upgrade to business if you want to use it as a team and need more storage, or you can delete some videos to free up space. For more details, please check our plans and pricing page.

  • How do I upgrade to a Collaaj Starter account?

    Whether you are a new user or an existing Free user, you can upgrade to Starter anytime from the plans and pricing page

  • My team at work wants to use Collaaj. How can I upgrade from Starter to Business?

    Collaaj for Business is ideal for teams. We offer plans for teams of 10 or more. please check our plans and pricing page.

  • I am a Collaaj Starter user. How can I cancel my Starter subscription?

    You can cancel your Collaaj Starter subscription anytime. Canceling will automatically change your account to Collaaj Free account.

  • Is Collaaj Starter for me?

    If you are an individual user that needs to record longer than 2 minute videos, Starter is right for you. If you want to use this for a team, you should consider upgrading to Business.

Collaaj Business

  • My company is interested in using Collaaj for Business. Where can I get the details and a quote?

    Collaaj for Business is ideal for teams. We offer plans for teams of 10 or more. Please check the pricing information and options for more details.

Collaaj for PC/Mac

  • I don’t have a microphone connected. Can I just record my screen without audio?

    Yes, in this case the screen will be recorded without any sound.

  • I don’t have a microphone connected. Can I record video without audio?

    No, without sound, video recording is not possible.

  • Can I move/resize my webcam window during Screen capture with voice and webcam session?

    Yes, you can move/resize the webcam window like any other window.

  • I selected a region during screen capture with voice and webcam. However the resulting video did not have webcam. What happened?

    Please make sure the webcam preview window is in the selected region during recording. Otherwise the resulting video will not have webcam content.

  • Why can't I add titles/credits to my Collaaj video?

    Most likely, the dimensions of the Collaaj video are too small. The minimum dimensions required are 630x480

Collaaj for iPad

  • I have downloaded Collaaj to my iPad but am unable to log onto the app. Where can I locate 'my credentials' in order to use Collaaj?

    At this time, users cannot sign up for Collaaj from the iPad app. Please sign up on Collaaj website: The login credentials can then be used across iPad or PC/Mac.

  • How can I record my screen with Collaaj?

    Due to sandboxing restrictions on the iPad, you cannot record screen contents with Collaaj.

Collaaj Web Portal

  • How do I manage my video library on Collaaj web portal?

    Please go to to check the videos uploaded, edit meta data and change video privacy settings

Collaaj Privacy and Security

  • Where are my Collaaj videos stored? and are they backed up?

    We use Amazon S3 to store and back up videos. Please see our Privacy and Security policy for more details.

  • What kind of authentication do you use?

    Authentication is accomplished through HTTPS.

  • Does Collaaj store any authentication on my devices?

    Collaaj does not store any authentication information on your devices.