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Next-Gen Lecture Capture Platform For Higher Ed & K-12
Lecture Capture + Personal Capture + Campus YouTube


The ‘Next-Gen Lecture Capture Platform’ from Collaaj, is an all-in-one, cost effective video solution for an educational institution. Traditional approaches to lecture capture require bulky hardware setups and still use decades old technology. Personal capture tools like Camtasia are good for the expert, but they aren’t ready for the everyday user. Also, it lacks the user experience and device support that the modern generation of teachers and students demand. And for the backend, media server hardware is too cumbersome to manage yourself. All of these solutions require you to purchase separate products for lecture capture, personal capture tools and the media server.

Collaaj takes a comprehensive look at video in edu and offers a one-stop-shop solution. The power of Collaaj is in its simplicity, as well as its seamless integration between content capture in and out of the classroom, a YouTube like portal for the campus & the Learning Management System (LMS). Collaaj enables classroom lectures as well as teacher/student created content to easily be created, shared and organized. Collaaj videos include screen captures, presentations, cameras, voice & annotations. They can easily be created using a PC, Mac or iOS devices, and published with the click of a button. Collaaj campus YouTube backend can either be hosted on cloud or on-premise. With the cloud setup, there is no hardware to setup or maintain. On-premise options are available if needed.

Collaaj videos can be shared with anyone using simple secure URLs. They can also be grouped into channels, one per course or grade. Channel pages look like this –, and can be custom branded.

If your school or college is looking for the right solution for either of the following initiatives, Collaaj is a perfect fit!
1. Lecture Capture
2. Flipped Learning
3. Campus YouTube