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Whiteboard selling with iPad makes conversations interactive

Be less salesy and more interactive and informative using Collaaj for iPad. Whiteboard selling with iPad helps you stay in the customer’s mind, even after the meetings are done. And better understanding can certainly reduce sales cycles.

Quick Tip - Make better whiteboards by using a stylus for your tablet/phone

Video FAQs can help zoom through customer pilots

A repository of video FAQs in your Collaaj sales video channel, can be much more effective than documents. Zip through PoCs with visual configurations, drawings and how-tos. When you show the customer exactly how to set things up, stalled PoCs are a thing of the past.

Increase email click rates in your campaigns

Collaaj can help you do a lot without a videographer. Create quick and effective videos and use them as part of your email and social campaigns. Video email campaigns can increase email click rate significantly.