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Why videos for enterprise?

We are a silicon valley company with a mission to enrich business productivity with videos for enterprise. Video can be a huge productivity enhancer for every part of the enterprise, most notably sales, support, helpdesk and marketing.

Sales teams can execute on whiteboard selling with iPad, and significantly reduce sales cycles. Support and helpdesk teams can build video FAQs and video knowledge base articles to drastically increase customer satisfaction and reduce trouble ticket volume. Marketing teams can easily include video in email campaigns and significantly improve their email click rates.

In spite of these advantages, even though video is so ubiquitous in the consumer world today, it isn’t as widely used in the enterprise. This is because there is no easy way to create, share and consume videos in a business context.

Collaaj enables you to super easily create videos incorporating drawings, documents, presentations, screen recordings and camera. Collaaj videos can be securely shared with a simple URL, organized into a channel, such as a customer support channel or a sales channel, for team collaboration. Collaaj videos, because they are simple URLs, can simply be posted to corporate social networks, wikis or MS Lync or Communicator or Skype. Whether you are in sales, marketing, support or helpdesk, Collaaj is a must-have in your tool kit!

Collaaj can help you close deals faster, run through your pilots and implementations quicker, and provide excellent support to keep your customers for life. Now that your pre-sales collateral isn't just bland documents anymore, your message will continue to stay in your customers minds even when your reps are done meeting them. Your pilot and implementation phases can be a lot quicker with visual configurations and setups. Your customer satisfaction stays high because your support or helpdesk FAQs, knowledge bases and trouble-tickets are much more visual. Don’t let that ‘tribal knowledge’ sit around in people’s heads, or in documents. Collaaj them! Learn more by watching this video.