Lecture Capture Software

Create stunning video and screen recordings with a robust set of tools in an easy-to-use desktop application.


Record video from laptops, web-cams, or any USB capture device. Select from recording qualities up to 720P and record multiple video streams.

Collaaj Video Recorder


Choose from multiple connected displays and select screen regions. Add on-screen annotations with markup, shape, color, and text tools.

Collaaj Screen Recorder


Create lectures and presentations with integrated PowerPoint. Offer viewers a unique experience with searchable content in indexed slides.

Collaaj Presentations And Lectures


Install Collaaj as a server based application and allow seemless user changes without waiting for videos to load before starting a new recording.

Collaaj Classroom Installer


Use built-in video editing tools to trim and chop your recordings. You can also polish your presentations with custom title and credit slides.

Collaaj Video Editing


Want to incorporate content from your iOS or Android device? Connect your phone to mobile apps or white board drawings from your iPad.

Collaaj Device Mirror
Free Screen Recorder For Mac & Windows

Webcam & Screen Recorder

Collaaj makes lecture capture quick and easy with a powerful desktop application including preset recording configurations designed to meet your needs for every day use. Keep the Collaaj application open and with a single click you can record voice, webcam, screen, or screen + webcam recordings. You can even create multi-stream recordings with integrated PowerPoint slides.  When you're finished recording, download the mp4 or upload to your favorite VOD platform. You can also integrate Collaaj with platforms like Kaltura, Ensemble, and Medial.

What our customers say about Collaaj.

"Collaaj helps improve my online lecture capacity. Students always comment to me that as soon as they see my videos, everything clicks. I now use Collaaj several times a week in all of my courses and I'm not sure how I ever lived without it." 

Karen CostaFaculty, Southern New Hampshire University

"Collaaj's 'Capture Software' combines lecture capture, personal capture & student capture, all into a single cost-effective package with great usability and integration with video platforms like ours. We are excited to integrate with them & our customers just love the experience!"                 

Andy CovellFounder & CEO, Symphony Video

"We are currently employing Collaaj to enhance our tech support options. It's quick, easy & effective, frees up tech support resources and provides better service for our end users. We fully expect to expand the use of Collaaj to teaching & other areas in the school district as we move forward."


Bruce SelzlerDirector Educational Technology, Sunnyvale School District