Premier Video Platform For Business & Education

Collaaj makes video capture and sharing fast and easy with a powerful desktop recording app and cloud-based sharing platform.  Sign up for a free trial to instantly record videos that combine screen + webcam and share them in your own private VOD library with flexible permission options and more.

Use Collaaj to create, organize, share, integrate, manage, and analyze videos.


Collaaj is designed for use by anyone on your team without the need for AV support.  The desktop application supports both Mac & PC and is compatible with most USB webcams, encoders, and capture devices.  Creating screen videos is simple with a single click of a button to start recording.  Record your webcam, screen, voice, or any combination.  You can also record multi-stream videos with PowerPoint slide integration.


Something that makes Collaaj unique is the inclusion of advanced user viewing permissions and controls. While some video platforms only offer private or public viewing options, Collaaj includes the best of both worlds. Share content both inside and outside your organization with a single video platform. Collaaj also includes unlimited channels, courses, and teams with affordable user scaling and no hidden fees for admins.


The Collaaj engineering team has extensive experience developing video platforms for customers and business partners. We realize that all organizations are unique and requirements can vary. Don't hesitate to ask for new features or custom development, whether from the ground-up or integrated with your existing systems. We thrive on customer feedback and enjoy the opportunity to build custom video solutions.


In today's business environment, we understand that connecting systems is not a nice-to-have, but a MUST have.  That's why Collaaj partners with leading LMS platforms and SSO providers so you can seamlessly integrate video quickly.  Connect Collaaj with Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle LMS, or access Collaaj via Google, One Login, Okta, and Active Directory. We also offer custom integrations with in-house LMS and SSO tools.

What is Collaaj?

Collaaj is an online video platform that includes an easy-to-use desktop application for creating videos using your camera and screen. You can also incorporate annotations with built-in drawing and markup tools. Collaaj can also be used to capture multi-stream Presentations & Lectures integrated with PowerPoint giving viewers a unique experience. 

Videos created using the Collaaj application are transcoded automatically during your recording so you can quickly upload to the cloud. You'll also experience less downtime because Collaaj allows you to record new videos while others are uploading.   Invite users to view content privately on Collaaj or embedded on your website for public viewing.  Create unlimited channels or courses to share both inside and outside your organization with robust privacy controls and user permissions.  You can also create closed captions automatically using built-in voice recognition technology and edit text for 100% accuracy. 

Connect Collaaj video capture tools and content to Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle or integrate with your custom LMS platform.  Manage users and sign-in security by connecting Collaaj with your SSO provider.  You can also upload videos directly to YouTube and Vimeo from the Collaaj desktop app.

The Collaaj Cloud includes a set of video editing and CMS tools allowing you to organize and manage your content quickly. You can also analyze viewership statistics to see video popularity and specific viewer trends including watch counts and history.

What our customers say about the Collaaj Video Platform.

"Collaaj helps improve my online lecture capacity. Students always comment to me that as soon as they see my videos, everything clicks. I now use Collaaj several times a week in all of my courses and I'm not sure how I ever lived without it."

Karen CostaFaculty, Southern New Hampshire University

"Collaaj's 'Capture Software' combines lecture capture, personal capture & student capture, all into a single cost-effective package with great usability and integration with video platforms like ours. We are excited to integrate with them & our customers just love the experience!"

Andy CovellFounder & CEO, Symphony Video

"We are currently employing Collaaj to enhance our tech support options. It's quick, easy & effective, frees up tech support resources and provides better service for our end users. We fully expect to expand the use of Collaaj to teaching & other areas in the school district as we move forward."

Bruce SelzlerDirector Educational Technology, Sunnyvale School District