Premier Video Platform for Educators & Enterprises


Designed for use without AV support and compatible with Mac/PC and iOS/Android devices.


Cost effective option so amateurs and professionals can create high quality video content fast.


Capture three simultaneous camera streams, along with screen captures or PPT presentations.


Easy creation of enhanced e-learning portals for more interactive communications.


Seamless integration with popular LTI compatible LMS platforms and industry standard SSO tools. 


Robust video hosting stored in the cloud or on-premise and synced with your internal video library.

What our customers say about Collaaj Video Tools

"Collaaj helps improve my online lecture capacity. Students always comment to me that as soon as they see my videos, everything clicks. I now use Collaaj several times a week in all of my courses and I'm not sure how I ever lived without it."

Karen CostaFaculty, Southern New Hampshire University

"Collaaj's 'Capture Software' combines lecture capture, personal capture & student capture, all into a single cost effective package with great usability and integration with video platforms like ours. We are excited to integrate with them & our customers just love the experience!"

Andy CovellFounder & CEO, Symphony Video

We are currently employing Collaaj to enhance our tech support options. It's quick, easy & effective, frees up tech support resources and provides better service for our end users. We fully expect to expand the use of Collaaj to teaching & other areas in the school district as we move forward."

Bruce SelzlerDirector Educational Technology, Sunnyvale School District